Palm Art Award 2009

Michael Cheval is the winner of 1st Prize of Palm Art Award 2009!!!
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Art-Domain Gallery Exhibition

Based on the jury’s choice, we have pleasure to announce the winners of our 2009 art competition.

As never before this time the election procedure turned out to be a very, very difficult undertaking, because of the very high and close quality standard of the submitted works. We are beware of that we had a whole string of competitors to send to Coventry in view of the limited number of available awards, and we want to encourage all the ones who are not on the list of winners this time to try again.

Congratulations to all winners!


1st Prize
Michael Cheval

Merit Awards
Sun-Don Lee
Andrej Becker
Ralph Hübschmann
Public Award
Leo Lemmens

Certificates of Excellence
Kimberley Berg
Dianne Bolletta
Felipe Mercadal Borghetti
Vlatko Ceric
Werner Erlacher
Udo A. Heinrich
Michael Jansen
Pauline Jones
Carlota Keffel Garcia
Edith Konrad
Christian-Steffen Loth
Volker Mayr
Fran McCann
Horst-Günter Poosch
Markus Maria Saufhaus
Sandra Schawalder
Alex Sevilla
Peter Unterweissacher
Shinichi Yura